Secondary Services

Secondary Operations

AccuCast, Inc. offers a wide variety of secondary or post-casting operations. These operations offer the customer the ability to have parts ready to assemble or use the moment they arrive at the customer’s dock.

Vibratory Deburring and Degating

This process provides a smooth surface for any applied coatings or a natural part finish acceptable to be buffed or polished as well as separation of part from runner. The vibratory finish removes any burrs or rough edges that may occur during the casting process.

Surface Coatings

Protective and cosmetic coatings are available. Painting, powder coating, and RoHS compliant corrosion protection finishes can all be applied to zinc castings.

High Speed Drilling and Tapping

Drilling and tapping capabilities are available if the part configuration is not 100% complete as a raw casting. These operations allow for additional holes or threaded holes to be added to the part if it cannot be done during the casting process.


If internal holes cannot be cast to a required size, a broaching or hole-clearing fixture may be made. The parts will then go through a broaching process to clear or expand an existing hole to meet part specifications.


If mold wear or parting line fatigue cause flash, often a good temporary solution is trimming. This process includes having a trimming fixture made to suit the existing part, and the flash is trimmed away leaving the parts configuration to match the print specifications.

Long Mold Life

Low casting temperatures result in less thermal shock and extended life for zinc die casting molds. Mold life can often be more than 10 times that of an aluminum injected mold.

Light Assembly

AccuCast, Inc. offers light assembly and packaging ready for shipment to the customer or customers specified location. This process often can eliminate additional services needed and passes cost savings on to the customer.