AccuCast, Inc. exclusively provides miniature zinc die castings using single or multi-cavity molds.

We have the ability to produce parts with exacting specifications. Customer’s parts will be developed from conception through design and into a finished product.

Sizes range from .0004-1.000 lbs

  • Extremely tight tolerances
  • Minimal draft
  • Minimum wall thickness – as thin as .030″

In addition to “net shape” castings, AccuCast, Inc. also provides mold maintenance and repairs, secondary operations including trimming, high-speed tapping, drilling, broaching, deburring, surface coatings meeting RoHS requirements, A.G.M.A. #7 and #8 gears as well as light assemblies and JIT capabilities.

Tooling Expectations

AccuCast, Inc. works closely with the customer to provide a properly designed and built mold. Taking these actions not only gives the customer their required part specifications but also enables us to be sure of an accurately approved gate location as well as a properly filled part. Accurate mold designs, plus the use of premium H-13 steel provides our customers with a high production-long tool life mold.

Requirements for the customer’s needs, as well as efforts to design and build the best mold help to minimize expenses. Our staff uses proper maintenance and care when working on or with a customers mold. Proper cleaning and storage is done on a regular schedule to maximize mold life as well as minimize costly mold repairs. Tooling guarantees are also available for high volume, long or extended part life projects. We also provide mold maintenance and repairs to existing molds.

Tooling Construction

Once AccuCast, Inc. has received your purchase order for new tooling specific gating, ejecting and parting-line criteria will be established, followed by an “OK To Tool” print released to our mold shop. Every week for the duration of the tool construction, customers will receive a “Progress and Status Report” from our engineering department to answer any scheduling questions you may have.

Tooling Completion

Upon completion of your mold, the AccuCast, Inc. tooling engineers will bench test to ensure proper fit and function before transferring the tool to our molding department. New tooling is always sampled and inspected within 24 hours with test results documented and sent with inspection reports, metal certification, and numbered samples. After we receive a written approval, a production start date can be established that best suits your needs.

Shipping and Warehousing

AccuCast, Inc. provides bar coded labels placed on all cartons with specific customer and part information. These include names, addresses, purchase order numbers, quantities, part numbers, and part descriptions. We also warehouse customer parts for up to one year from date of purchase order. This allows customers to request part releases for immediate shipping, keeping customers in house inventory at a minimum with the availability to have parts at the customers dock in less than 24 hours. Bulk orders are produced and ready-to-ship, in which customers are only charged a one time set-up and machine charge. This allows for many releases to be produced at one time, passing savings on to the customer.