Quality Control

Quality controls are established before production to ensure inspections are thorough, detailed, and properly documented. These inspection processes meet and follow strict industry standards for quality control and consistent part monitoring.

Our quality control inspections begin at production where parts are regularly inspected to locate and eliminate any defects immediately. Each process along the way has its regularly scheduled and required part inspection.

Many of these quality control inspections have custom made gages dedicated to a specific part and/or a specific part parameter. By the time a part is ready for shipment it has been inspected numerous times. These procedures minimize any defective or out of specification part from leaving our facility.

Our mission statement is, “Never allow out of specification parts to leave our plant.”

Computer integration throughout the plant helps us to keep and maintain these quality standards. From original designs, to tooling and mold development, to casting set-up and die change over, through any secondary operations and into packing and shipping, computer aided processes are found all along the way. All gages and inspection equipment are certified and calibrated to insure accuracy and dependability.


Zinc Die Castings