Elbow Maxxim Venturi Tank Portfolio

AccuCast, Inc. is a leading provider of miniature zinc die castings and other related secondary solutions. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer end-to-end custom solutions for our customers that meet the needs of even the most unique operation. We recently had the opportunity to demonstrate this ability by providing a major tire and rubber customer with a solution which not only saved them, but helped to protect the environment.

How It Works

When fueling a vehicle, dangerous vapors accumulate within the gasoline pump handle and hose which, if released, can contribute to depletion of the ozone layer. As a critical component for compliance with the Clean Air Act, an elbow tank draws these harmful, hazardous vapors from the pump to be extracted, filtered, and released back into the atmosphere.

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The client’s current part required soldering three brass components together by hand. In order to scale up production and reduce their manufacturing costs, they approached AccuCast, Inc. about designing something more practical, efficient, and cost-effective. By combining multiple parts into one zinc die-casting solution, AccuCast, Inc. designed a single part which eliminated the need for costly brass components and an expensive, time-consuming assembly process.

At AccuCast, Inc., we always place our customers first. Our design team worked with the client to fully understand the requirements of the component. Our engineering team provided valuable input that enabled us to create a design that would overcome the challenges faced by the application, including compound radial core pin shut-offs and balancing the runner system to ensure equal fill of each cavity.

The skilled staff at AccuCast, Inc., armed with cutting-edge technology, produced a single part that eliminated the tedious brass soldering, and an all-in-one service which included design, production, and packaging. With our state-of-the-art equipment, AccuCast, Inc. met the client’s tight tolerance requirements of .005” while being able to produce high-volume production runs up to 270,000 units per week, as compared to their previous production capabilities of just 5,000 units per month.

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By trusting AccuCast, Inc. with their production needs, our client recognized several benefits including:

  • Significant cost savings over the original process (1,600% cost savings)
  • Production increase from 5,000 units a month to 270,000 per week
  • Time savings by reducing three processes into one
  • Achieved tooling payback with the initial 10,000 piece production order
  • Accurate, on-time delivery

From concept to finished product, AccuCast, Inc. is your trusted zinc die-casting specialist. Whether you’re looking to reduce costs, increase production, streamline processes, or all of the above—you can count on AccuCast, Inc. to help you achieve your goals.

As experts with versatile zinc alloy materials, our casted components provide strength, durability, flexibility, and all the benefits of precision manufacturing. To further streamline processes on your project, AccuCast, Inc. also offers secondary services such as deburring and degating, surface coating, drilling and tapping, broaching and trimming, and more.

Learn how AccuCast, Inc. can help improve your parts and components design and processes by contacting our skilled, professional staff to start your quote.