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AccuCast, Inc. is a leading provider of precision miniature zinc die casting products. Our casting processes are supplemented by a host of secondary services; allowing us to deliver end-to-end custom solutions to meet even the most demanding customer specifications. During our 25+ years of operation, we have had the opportunity to partner with a wide range of prestigious companies and organizations, including the North American Die Casting Association (NADCA).

AccuCast, Inc. was contracted by an industry leading supplier of heating, cooling, ventilation, and temperature systems to manufacture a custom wall box for their thermostat controls product. In addition to manufacturing a product that met the client’s specifications, we also developed a unique solution that resulted in significant time and cost savings.

How It Works

A wall box is a type of electrical box used primarily to facilitate the smooth transition of copper or polyethylene tubing through wall structures. This particular unit was used to provide a secure environment for electrical wiring in the client’s thermostat controls.

In addition to housing sensitive circuitry, these boxes are designed to act as safety barriers for electrical connections, thus preventing short circuits and other undesirable events which can lead to various safety hazards. As with any electrical component, these boxes need to be designed as per the client’s requirements to meet demanding industry standards such as the National Electric Code (NEC).

Project Details

For this particular project, the client required multiple molds to accommodate different castings. According to initial project specifications, several molds were needed for various wall types including brick, plaster, wood, and gypsum. Upon careful analysis of the situation, the AccuCast, Inc. engineering team was able to develop a single mold capable of producing the parts required for the various wall types. The solution consisted of a mold that combined three elements into one, while also eliminating the need for post-cast trimming.

To facilitate various installation orientations, the box was designed with breakable tabs. These artificially weakened areas allowed installers to modify the unit as needed for horizontal or vertical mounting. During the manufacturing process, the technical team was tasked with overcoming a few challenges.

First, due to the shape and dimensions of the product, there were spatial restrictions for the location of the gates. The molten material was, therefore, required to flow through alternating wall thicknesses to successfully produce the parts. Additionally, venting gaps were also required through the ejector pins. Our technical staff worked diligently to eventually come up with appropriate solutions to successfully solve these issues.

The Bottom Line

By developing a single casting that was compatible with all wall types, we were able to offer the client considerable cost savings. Our unique three-in-one mold solution resulted in an overall 300% increase in cost efficiency. This allowed the customer to procure additional dies for other areas of their business. Furthermore, single mold solutions meant that fewer castings were required, which led to a considerable increase in production volume to over 20,000 units per week.

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